Continuing corona kills: Actress Reshma, wife of actor Hamsavardhan, has passed away


  • Hamsavardhan’s wife passed away
  • Treatment for shortness of breath after recovery from the corona

Reshma made her debut in Kollywood with Karthik’s East Face film. Boomani, don’t forget Kanmani, you have acted in films including Enthan Vanam, Vadukappatti Mappillai. Reshma starred opposite Hamsavardhan in Vadukappatti Groom. Hamsavardhan is the son of the late actor Ravichandran.

Later Reshma and Hamsavardhan got married. They have 2 sons and 1 daughter. Reshma, also known as Shanti, was infected with the corona virus last month and was admitted to hospital.

He has difficulty breathing even after he was diagnosed with corona negative. He was subsequently treated at the hospital. He succumbed to his injuries last evening. Reshma is 42 years old.

His body was brought to his house in Thenampet. His body will be cremated at Besant Nagar Electric Cemetery this afternoon.

Many who heard the news of Reshma’s death have expressed their deepest condolences. The Tamil film industry is losing many as the second wave of the Corona turned into a tsunami.

In this situation the tragedy of celebrities being killed by Corona continues.
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