Chinmayi: Uncle ..? You have no respect at all: Chinmayi who tore the net and hung up! – singer chinmayi instagram story goes viral

Famous playback singer Chinmayi Musician AR Rahman has sung to the music of many of the first leading composers. There is a separate fan base for his voice. In this situation, Chinmayi has got into a heated argument with Netizens on his Instagram page, which has caused a stir on the internet.

Started in Hollywood Me Too The affair sent shockwaves through Bollywood, beyond Tollywood to Kollywood. Through the trending METOO hashtag on Twitter, numerous actresses created a stir on the internet by sharing information about their sexual harassment on screen. The incident that caused the biggest controversy in the Tamil film industry was the affair between singer Chinmayi and poet Vairamuthu.

On the Internet, memes about Chinmayi, who occasionally share many opinions, also appear. Currently in that category, Netson was posting a meme saying that Chinmayi is Mami. Chinmayi, who was furious after seeing these memes, responded and shared a post on his Instagram page.

Can’t make a little comedy in the film: Netizens who play actor Satish!
Even if the Ivanka group criticizes one and the same, the Ivanka mercenary and his caste hysteria have to roll over if they can roll everything like this. This is how a psycho rolled ten years ago. The only job is to gossip whenever you see it. Today is a great post for a psycho in a political party. I’m like, Vana Hammer has said that this nail is a lot of bartender to knock out.

chinmayi Instagram

Also, in another post, please comment if I like the comment I am posting. I have a sense of self-worth. Chinmayi has posted on her Instagram page that she has no respect for me, aunty. This post is currently going viral on the internet.

chinmayi Instagram

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