Bonnie Kapoor tweeted as expected by Ajith: Ajith fans …

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  • Ajith fans angry over Bonnie Kapoor tweet
  • Strength Update Ajith fans in anger

H. Directed by Vinod Ajith Acting Strength Husband of late actress Sridevi in ​​the film Bonnie Kapoor Is preparing. Strength shooting is currently underway in Hyderabad. The crew is going to Rajasthan next.

Despite the corona virus problem, updates are coming about other actors’ pictures. But there is no such thing as strength alone. Ajith fans got tired of asking Vinod and Bonnie Kapoor for an update.

There is no update for Ajith’s birthday, Deepavali or New Year. In this situation, Ajith fans are asking for an update for the Pongal festival. Head fans say that Bonnie Kapoor comes to the Twitter page only if it is to wish someone a happy birthday.
In this case, he tweeted again today to wish a happy birthday. Ajith fans were shocked to see it. According to fans

This Bonnie Kapoor comes to the Twitter page just to Google and wish you a happy birthday. Give Pongalukkachum update Moms. You will be blessed with crores of rupees, please do not make the headline anymore.

Buying an update from you is a great song. You are the only producer who has not given an update for 14 months.

Cook with the clown fame starring in the movie Ajith Strength?

Meanwhile, it has been reported that Cook will play the lead role in the popular celebrity strength film through the clown show. Earlier, Ajith’s strength family photo was leaked and went viral. Social media users were sinful to see Ajith’s fans as if something like this was leaking.