bala: Ajith, who married doctor for the 2nd time, is Siva’s ‘brother’ – actor bala marries doctor elizabeth udhayan


  • Actor Bala who married Elizabeth
  • Bala who introduced his wife through video

He starred in the 2003 film Love Bala. Director Siruthai Siva’s brother. Veeram played one of Ajith’s brothers in the film.

Bala is currently focusing on Malayalam films. In this situation Bala and Dr. Elizabeth were married. Following this, their wedding reception was held today.

The photos taken at the time have been posted on social media. Bala had earlier introduced his wife and posted a video on his Facebook page. Celebrities and fans who saw it congratulated Bala.
This is Bala’s second marriage.

He had earlier fallen in love with singer Amruta Suresh and got married in 2010. They have a daughter named Avantika.

There was a problem between Bala and Amruta and they lived alone for 3 years. It is noteworthy that they got divorced in 2019 after that.
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