arvind swami: If I had been as beautiful as Aravindsamy I would not have been in jail ..: Thambi Ramaiah – if I’m handsome like arvindswami, i would have been in prison: thambi ramaiah


  • Leader film press conference held in Chennai
  • Thambi Ramaiah speaking at the press conference

A.L. Directed by Vijay Kangana Ranaut, Aravindsamy The cast would have acted Leader The film is set to release in theaters on September 10. Kangana has played Jayalalithaa in the movie Talaivi.

Kangana Ranaut and Aravindsamy spoke at a press conference in Chennai.

Thampi Ramaya, who played the lead role in the movie Talaivi, said,

Kangana Ranaut is the head of the film as a female role model. The North Indian actress paid special homage to the 4 leaders sleeping on the beach.

Aravindsamy has no enemies. If I had only been as handsome as him one would have been in prison and not dead.

Theaters, where people of all castes, religions and races come, are now being turned into malls, shops and wedding halls. This situation needs to change. Chief Minister to save theaters Stalin must take action.

He said that if theaters are saved, cinema can also be saved.

Celebrities who have seen the headline film have said that it is the best biopic ever released. Many have praised Aravindsamy for becoming an MG.
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