Ajith’s strength shooting plan: Is it possible?

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H. Ajith directed by Vinod Strength Is starring in the film. The corona virus problem occurred while filming at the Ramejirao Film City in Hyderabad. Filming, which had been suspended for several months, began last October.

October 25th Ajith Participated in the filming. Ajith fell down and was hit while filming a bike stunt scene at Ramojirao Film City. He has completed that schedule regardless of the injury.

Ajith continued to fall from the bike and was beaten

Ajith received Ayurvedic treatment for his injury in Hyderabad. It was said that the next schedule would start a month later. In this case, we can start the next phase schedule of the strength film next week.

It has been reported that Ajith has decided to work without a break and perform his scenes by January. But Vinod plans to shoot some important scenes abroad.

Vinod said the scenes could not be filmed in India. News broke that the overseas schedule had been dropped due to a corona virus problem. But Vinod said the overseas schedule will go as planned.

It is not possible for Ajith to finish his scenes by January if he is going abroad to shoot. The strength film is scheduled to release during the summer holidays next year.

Earlier, a photo taken while Ajith was riding a bike during the filming of ‘Vali’ went viral on social media. Fans who saw the photo spoke proudly about Ajith riding the bike. Vinod did not give the update. The fans were relieved that this photo was released and that was enough.

The fact that Vinod and producer Bonnie Kapoor did not give any update about the strength film has made the fans anxious and angry. Bonnie Kapoor begged and scolded, but no update was available.

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