2 people evicted from my house: Vijay complains to police

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  • 2 persons lodged a complaint at Vijay police station
  • Vijay complained to the police demanding to vacate the house

Vijay owns a house in Saligram, Chennai. In that house Vijay People’s Movement executives Raviraja, A.C. Kumar were for rent.

In this situation Raviraja and A.C. Kumar has been removed from the charge of the Vijay People’s Movement. Following this, Vijay has asked them to vacate his house. But they said they could not vacate the house.

Following this Raviraja and A.C. Vijay has lodged a complaint with the police to vacate Kumar’s house. Criticism has arisen as to whether those who were in the Vijay people’s movement are doing this.

Kusumbukkara Netizens, S.A. Chandrasekhar and Shobha have asked. There is a problem between Vijay and his father.

There has been no negotiation between them for the last 6 months. In this case, Vijay S.A. for Christmas. It was reported that he met Chandrasekhar and presented him with a gold ring. That information was released by S.A.C. Party. But the commander’s side says that Vijay never met his father.

Dad lied, utter confrontation: S.A.C. Vijay who blocked the number

Vijay has also blocked his father’s cell phone number. S.A. Chandrasekhar is back in the process of starting the party. It is noteworthy that the official announcement will be released on the 14th.

S.A.C. with Vijay fan club dissidents. Consulted last week. After that 20 district administrators were appointed. According to Vijay, he has nothing to do with the party.