maanaadu positive reviews: கவலையில் கண்ணீர், இரவெல்லாம் டென்ஷன்: சிம்புவுக்கு கிடைத்த சூப்பர் பரிசு – repeatu: simbu starrer maanaadu gets positive reviews


  • Fans celebrating the conference film
  • Positive review for conference film

Venkat Prabhu In motion சிம்பு, S.J. Starring Surya et al Conference The film is set to release in theaters today. There was a problem last time with the release and the crew did not sleep through the night.
Trouble with the conference release at the last minute: What happened to Udayanidhi, Vidya Vidya who came suddenly?They have solved the money problem that occurred last time overnight. Simbu cried on the stage of the conference film festival saying that he was giving me problem over problem.

In this situation, his tears and last-minute tension have all been rewarded. I mean everyone who saw the conference film liked it.

Many people have criticized the same word as repeat. Many people have said on social media that we go to the theater, watch movies and repeat.

Such a criticism has arisen as the conference film is said to be a turning point in Simbu’s career. Simbu fans are relieved to see that everyone is talking well about the conference on social media.

Fans say that the hard work of Simbu and the film crew was not in vain.

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