maanaadu leak: Premji made the conference opening Chinese league before release: Fans address – maanaadu opening scene leaked: simbu fans slam premgi amaren


  • Conference released via a
  • Premji who leaked the conference scene

Directed by Venkat Prabhu சிம்பு Starring Conference The film is set to release in theaters today. The conference which was already scheduled to come for Deepavali has been postponed and has come today.

Simbu fans were alarmed to see producer Suresh Kamatchi’s announcement last night that the conference film would not be released as planned. Fortunately the problem is all solved and the film is released.Trouble with the conference release at the last minute: What happened to Udayanidhi, Vidya Vidya who came suddenly?Venkat Prabhu’s brother Premji tweeted that he was waiting for the early morning show and the fans scolded him. This is because the early morning shows were canceled due to the KTM problem.
We came to the entrance of the theater before dawn and betrayed ourselves, the fans said, “Premji is just a club.”

Premji posted a video on Instagram claiming that the opening scene of the conference film had been leaked.

That is, smoking can cause cancer and even death. He said in the video that drinking alcohol is harmful to health.

If we do not have time for this premise comedy, we will be under pressure to come to the conference Lotta ourselves. Yov Premji, fans have said that it will be interesting to see if the conference will be held abroad.

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