Maanaadu: Controversial Simbu’s ‘conference’ following Jai Bhima: Fans shocked! – simbu maanaadu movie create new controversy

Conference‘Is set to be Simbu’s biggest comeback film. Suresh Kamatchi In preparation, Venkat Prabhu Fans have been waiting for days for the release of this motion picture. The film, which was released in theaters last Thursday amidst various hurdles, has been receiving an overwhelming response from the fans.

Kalyani has acted opposite Simbu in ‘Manadu’. The film stars SA Chandrasekhar, Bharathiraja, SJ Surya, Premji, Arvind Akash, YG Mahendran, Vagai Chandra Sehgar, Daniel Balaji, Manoj, Premji, Udaya and Karunakaran.

The music release ceremony of the film, composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja, was held in Chennai recently. In this ceremony சிம்பு Give a lot of trouble with tears. That’s all I see. Speaking of me just looking at you made all the fans nervous.

This is the mind of the leader .. S.J. Rajini fans roasting Surya!
in this situation ‘Jay BeamFollowing the film, the film ‘Conference’ is also embroiled in controversy. The film is set in a way that undermines ‘Hindu-Muslim unity’. The Chief Minister should intervene in the film affair and remove the controversial footage, ”said Vellore Ibrahim, National Secretary, State BJP Minorities Team.

In the film ‘Conference’ in which Simbu plays an Islamist for the first time, we call him the bombing extremist in the United States. That is what Indiana Muslim extremists are all about. It is noteworthy that there are verses that radiate extremism, such as caste or religion. Following Surya’s ‘Jai Beam’, Simbu’s ‘Conference’ is currently embroiled in controversy and has shocked the film industry.

From the release to the controversy “Jay Beam” game!

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