kamal haasan: jay bhim is nothing, 18 years ago only boda pottar kamal – jai bhim is nothing when compared to the specifications in kamal haasan’s anbe sivam: netizens

In the Gnanavel movement Surya Released in acting Jaybeam The film is accused of insulting the Vanni. In this connection, Rs. The Vanniyar Sangam has sent notices to Surya, Jyotika and Amazon Prime seeking Rs 5 crore in damages.

In this case, Jaypeemlam is not a big deal. Kamal would have openly criticized the 2003 film Anbe Sivam. Nasser, the villain who refused to raise wages for workers, was named Kandasamy Padayachi.

It is the name given to the Vanniyar community. When Anbe Sivam ran in the theaters no one came to fight. It is not right to oppose Jaypee when it is like that. Social networking site users say look at the picture.

anbe sivam

Why should we talk now about what dear Sivamla Kamal put up. No. Rs. 5 crore and Rs. 10 crore is being teased by social media users.
The answer to Kamal is this: Tamil Big Boss who follows Telugu?

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