Kamal Haasan: Come surprise the art world: Musician tweets about Kamal! – ilayaraja says wishing kamal haasan speedy recovery

Acting People’s Justice Center party leader Kamalhasan He has gone to America and returned to Chennai. He had a mild cough as a result. Corona was later confirmed and Kamalhasan was admitted to Ramachandra Hospital in Porur, Chennai.

Following the confirmation of Corona, Kamal Haasan had a mild cough on his Twitter page after returning from a trip to the US. Govt infection was confirmed on examination. I am isolated in the hospital. Realizing that the epidemic was not over yet, he posted that everyone should be safe.

Two days ago, the management of Ramachandra Hospital announced that Kamal Haasan was undergoing treatment for corona and was undergoing intensive treatment. A team of doctors was monitoring his condition and his condition was stable.

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Earlier, the Chief Minister had asked actor Kamal Haasan to return home in good health from the hospital. Many film personalities, including Stalin, congratulated Kamal Haasan on his speedy recovery.

In this case the musician இளையராஜா, Actor Kamal Haasan has posted that he will be returning home soon. In it, good to come, brethren. The art world should be surprised as ah.

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