kamal haasan: கமலை வைத்து ஒரே கல்லில் 2 மாங்காய் அடிக்கும் பிக் பாஸ் – people are waiting to watch kamal haasan hosting bigg boss 5 tamil from hospital


  • Kamal hosts the Big Boss show from the hospital
  • Big Boss audience waiting to see Kamal’s novelty

Big Boss has been a world hero since its launch in Tamil Kamal Haasan Is hosting. He never took a break when he hosted the event.

Kamal has been admitted to the hospital after contracting the corona virus. So the answer to him is daughter Shruti Hassan Big Boss was said to be hosting the show.

Sruthi No Kamal will be hosting. Kamal, who is innovating in anything, did not leave the Bigg Boss show either.

Corona’s impact on Kamal was not serious. So he is going to host the Big Boss show virtually as if he were in the hospital.

Those who know about it say that they will be watching Big Boss this weekend to see how Kamal hosts from the hospital. No language has ever been hosted virtually on any Big Boss show.

Audiences are eager to see that Asian take place for the first time in Big Boss history. Thus ensuring that the DRP goes up. Big Boss accepts DRP, captivating the audience with Aga Kamala. Criticism has arisen that there are two birds with one stone.

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