Kalidas Jayaram: Hotel staff captures successor actor: sensational incident! – actor kalidas jayaram jailed at hotel

He is a popular actor who has acted in Malayalam and many Tamil films Jayaram. His son Kalidas Jayaram is also starring in Malayalam films. Kamal Haasan had a special appearance in the Tamil film Meenakkulam and Manpanai. He is currently starring in web series.

Recently, the film ‘Oru Pakka Katha’ starring him was released in Tamil. Mega Akash played the heroine in this film. In this case, the state of Kerala to act in a web series Three Kalidas has gone to the area. Stayed in a luxury hotel with the crew there.

The staff insisted on paying the room rent and hotel fees. Following this, the film crew paid online. But the money did not come to the hotel bank account. Following this the hotel staff cast Kalidas Jayaram And asked the film crew to pay the hotel fees immediately.

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There has been an argument between the film crew and the hotel staff over this matter. Hotel staff have thus captured the crew, including actor Kalidas Jayaram. Following this, three policemen were informed and they rushed to the spot and held talks.

Following this, the film crew paid the hotel fee. Hotel staff have released actor Kalidas Jayaram and the crew. The incident has caused a great stir in the area.

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