Enna Solla Pogirai: You may be asleep listening to this story: Netizens stalking Aswin’s picture! – netizen trolled ashwin enna solla pogirai movie

Film produced by Trident Arts’what are you going to say‘. Famous for his show ‘Cook with the Clown’ Aswin Kumar In this film starring the protagonist Avantika, Teju Aswini, ‘Cook with the Clown’ starrer.

The film crew officially announced that the film would be released in the first week of last December. Earlier, the music release ceremony of the film was held in Chennai. Ashwin’s speech at the event has caused great controversy. Speaking at the event, Aswin said, ‘What are you going to say?’ Vijay TV has been the biggest turning point in my life.

I have a bad habit. I would fall asleep if I didn’t like listening to the story. I fell asleep listening to 40 stories. The only story I heard without sleeping was ‘what are you going to say’. His speech was widely criticized on social media.

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In this situation, the movie ‘What are you going to say’ has been released as a Pongal release. The plot of the film is a triangular love story that is very familiar to Tamil cinema. Many of the fans who saw the film were critical that it was not up to expectations and that the screenplay of the second part was moving slowly.

Netizens have been comparing ‘What are you going to say’ to Aswin’s speech at the film’s music launch. Fans have been articulating Ashwin as if he might be asleep listening to this story like the 40s story.

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