bigg boss 5 tamil: அடச்சே, இதை கூடவா காப்பியடிப்பீங்க பிக் பாஸ் ?: ஷேம், ஷேம் – netizens make fun of bigg boss 5 tamil promo video


  • Audiences enjoying the Big Boss
  • Copy scene from Hindi Big Boss

Big Boss5 Today’s first promo video of the show shows Akshara breaking down household items during the task.
People who watched the promo video are celebrating Big Boss. The 15th season of Hindi Big Boss is currently underway. Pratik Sehjpal, who got angry during the task at that house, broke the items in the house of Big Boss.

In this case, the audience copies the scene from the Hindi Big Boss show and keeps it in Tamil.

This is not the first time that a Hindi Big Boss show has been copied and shown in Tamil. Audiences say it’s okay to copy breaking things up, and don’t copy copying romance like it does in the Hindi house.
The answer to Kamal is this: Tamil Big Boss who follows Telugu?Meanwhile Big Boss 5 was hosting the show Kamal Haasan Admitted to hospital with corona virus infection. His daughter Shruti Hassan is said to be hosting the Bigg Boss show in response to him.

However, no announcement has been made so far.

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