Beast: The record of ‘Beast’ before release .. Commander is another level ..!

Beast: The record of ‘Beast’ before release .. Commander is another level ..!
Following the success of ‘Master’, Vijay has now finished acting in ‘Beast’. The trailer of the movie, which was awaited by the entire Kollywood community, was released last week and has created a stir among the fans. It has been reported that the booking of ‘Beast’ is in full swing.

Pooja Hegde has teamed up with Vijay in the film ‘Beast’ produced by Sun Pictures. Nelson Dileepkumar is directing ‘Beast’ starring Vijay following the films Kolamavu Kokila and Doctor. The film also stars Malayalam actor Shine Tom Sacco and director Selvaragavan.

In this case, the first single from the movie ‘Beast’ which was released on Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February last year, the song “Halamithi Habibo” is playing all over the bar. Following that, the song ‘Jalio Gymkhana’ sung by Vijay has reached a record number of millions of viewers on YouTube.

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The ‘Beast’ movie trailer, which was released last Saturday evening, was viewed by a record 30 million viewers in a single day. In this situation, a week before the release, it has been reported that the movie ‘Beast’ is becoming houseful in the online booking.

It is said that ‘Beast’ movie is showing mass in pre-booking, pushing back all the pictures of Annatha, strength and daring. This information has caused a celebration among the Commander fans.

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