Ajith Thadvu hugged me for 10 minutes on the set… The celebrity was moved!

Actor Mahanadi Shankar was moved as actor Ajith hugged him for 10 minutes as soon as he entered the set of Thadvu.

Mahanadi Shankar

Mahanadhi Shankar is a mix of villain, comedy and character roles in Tamil cinema. Shankar threatened Kamal Haasan by acting as a jail warden. Thus the name Mahanadi stuck before the name of the famous Shankar. Since then Mahanadi has been called Shankar.
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You are a goat

You are a goat

Not only Kamal Haasan, but also Rajinikanth, Ajith, Vijay and many other leading actors, Mahanadi Shankar has threatened as a villain. Mahanadi Shankar’s line in Ajith’s Deena became a hit. Mahanadhi Shankar called actor Ajith Nee Aadu Thala saying that the tail should not wag when the head is there. That is the reason why fans call Ajith Thala.

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He hugged for 10 minutes


In this case, Mahanadi Shankar recently acted in Ajith’s Thadvu. Mahanadi Shankar shared about acting in Thadhavu in a program. Actor Ajith hugged him when he went to the shooting spot of Thadhavu. He said that he hugged her for 10 minutes and never let go.
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First called Thala

First called Thala

Ajith also went to the cameraman on the set and introduced himself saying that he was the one who first called him Thala. Mahanadi Shankar was surprised to see this action of Ajith, Mahanadi Shankar is moved that actor Ajith still remembers what happened so many years ago.
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Wishes to everyone

Wishes to everyone

Mohana Sundaram, who has already acted in Thadhavu film, actor Ajith will say good morning to everyone when he enters the Thadhavu sets. He had said that he would see him and tell him not to stand up. Similarly, Bigg Boss celebrities Aamir and Bhavani, who acted in Thadhavu, had praised Ajith.
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