Ajith Kumar: Is he in ‘AK 62’?: He is already an actor in ‘Valimai’.!

Ajith Kumar: Is he in ‘AK 62’?: He is already an actor in ‘Valimai’.!
On the one hand, the shooting of Vijay’s ‘Leo’ has started and is going on briskly. Last Pongal, Vijay and Ajith’s films released on the same day. After this both will act in their next films. It was said that those films will also clash on Diwali. But while Vijay’s film has started and the shooting is going on in full swing, the crew is holding their breath for Ajith’s film.

Leica announced the ‘AK62’ before the release of Ajith’s ‘Thunivu’. For the first time, Ajith gave a film to a big company like Lyca which created huge expectations among the fans. Also Vignesh Sivan is said to be directing the film. While many doubted whether Vicky’s making style would match Ajith’s, everyone was curious to see how their combo would turn out.

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In this case, there were reports that Vignesh Sivan has suddenly withdrawn from the film ‘AK 62’. In other words, it was said that Ajith and the production side did not like the story prepared by Vicki for this film. Due to this he has left the film. Vignesh Sivan’s exit from ‘AK62’ is almost certain.

After him, many directors were rumored to be directing this film, but in the end, it was confirmed that Mizhal Thirumeni will direct the film ‘AK62’. But the crew has not officially announced this till now. Ajith’s teaming up with the director of action films such as Baniyara Thaka, Meekhamn, Thadam and Kalakat Thalaivan has created high expectations among the fans.

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After this, a lot of information about the villains who will act in this film is leaking on the internet. Initially, it was said that Arun Vijay will play the role. Following him, there were reports that talks were also held with Arul Fund. It is also said that Arya will be acting in ‘AK 62’ after them. He has already worked in ‘Meekaman’ with Makhi and ‘Arambam’ with Ajith.

Thus, while many information about the film ‘AK 62’ are leaking on the internet, news is spreading on social media that serial actress Chaitra Reddy will act in the film. Host Divyadarshini also congratulated him on the release of this news from his Twitter account. But this Twitter account is also said to be fake. Chaitra Reddy is already notable for her role in Ajith’s ‘Valimai’.

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