Ajith: Is Ajith cheating on Shalini? Even Vijay fans will not believe this!

Ajith: Is Ajith cheating on Shalini?  Even Vijay fans will not believe this!
Ajith fans are furious after hearing that a celebrity has said that actor Ajith is involved in fraud.


Ajith’s last film Thadvu was released. Actor Ajith teamed up with director H Vinod and producer Boney Kapoor for the third time through this film. Malayalam actress Manju Warrier played the heroine in this film. It was made to talk about the fraud that banks are doing to people.
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AK 62


The movie got a good response from the fans. Thadvu had grossed more than 330 crores worldwide. Following this, Ajith has started work for his 62 film. Vignesh Sivan was initially said to direct AK 62, but later Vignesh Sivan was removed from the film.

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After that, it was reported that Mizhil Thirumeni, who directed the films Thadam and Thamiyara Thaka, will direct the film AK 62. It is also said that Arun Vijay will play Ajith’s villain in this film. While the official announcement for AK 62 is yet to be made, the pre-production work is said to be going on silently.

​ Ajith: Ajith in a secret cheating relationship.. The celebrity who dropped the bomb.. The fans are tearing it apart!

Fake contact?

Fake contact?

In this case, Umar Chand, a member of the Overseas Censor Board, has created a sensation by tweeting that actor Ajith is having an extramarital affair. Ajith’s fans who saw this tweet of Umar Chand, who do you think? They are shouting that they should not come to Chennai.
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Don’t believe it

Don't believe it

And Enga Thala is always telling him that Shalini will never cheat on his sister and if Ajith cheats on his wife, even Vijay fans will not believe it. Ajith’s fans have been bashing him and asking if he makes you look famous by spreading slander about celebrities. And some are asking if you are really a member of the Censor Board.
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Ajith Shalini


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