‘Taare Zameen Par’ fame Darsheel Safari was bullied after the release of the film, told the truth of the fee of 2 crores

Aamir Khan’s chartbuster film, ‘Taare Zameen Par’, released in 2007, touched upon some of the aspects and emotions of common life in a way that is rarely seen. The film was released, which also made the audience laugh and sometimes cry. Aamir Khan’s acting in the film was overshadowed by the younger Ishaan Awasthi i.e. Darsheel Safary and there was a lot of discussion about this debut child actor everywhere. Big stars looked pale in front of Darsheel Safari’s acting. However, you will be surprised to know that Darsheel’s acting of such a huge hit film, where the audience was very much melted from inside, he had to suffer a lot due to this character after the release of the film. When Darsheel reached school after the release of the film, the actor himself narrated the story of what happened to him. Darsheel also told that did his father really charge him Rs 2 crore for this film?

In the film, Ishaan Awasthi i.e. Darsheel Safary has a problem of dyslexia, after which his parents decide to send him for boarding. In a conversation with ETimes, Darsheel told that after playing this character, he had to face a lot of bully in school.

He told in his interview, ‘I was bullied by my seniors in school. Even my watchman has a perception about actors. What’s worse is that you don’t even know that the world is looking at you from different angles. Even your own family sees you differently to some extent. Let me tell you the story of the day I went to school after Taare Zameen Par released and I was surrounded. My tie was pulled, I had to take half a day to save myself. Today, however, I understand that an actor has to be prepared for such things.

In the year 2007, there was also a rumor that his father Mitesh Safari had demanded Rs 2 crore from director Ajay Monga for Darsheel’s acting in ‘Taare Zameen Par’. Darsheel also cleared these rumours. Darsheel told that he has a good bonding with Monga and if there was any truth in these rumours, he would have definitely known about it. He said- If Papa had asked for it, I would have come to know till today.

When Darsheel was asked about their relationship, he told that he is not comfortable in answering this question. He said- If I say yes, then you will also ask the name of that girl. On the work front, he has wrapped up shooting for a Gujarati film, starring Ratna Pathak and Mansi Parekh.