Taapsee Pannu Interview: Taapsee Pannu spoke on ‘Dobaara’ – I have made a good film, watch or don’t watch as you wish

It has been told that Taapsee Pannu’s film ‘Dobaara’ is currently in a lot of discussion. The film has been released at a time where people are angry on social media and the actress has said a lot about this film. Taapsee has told the fans that she has made the film well and whether to watch or not depends on the audience. Let’s find out what Taapsee has said about this film. He has made a good film and whether to watch or not depends on the audience. Let’s find out what Taapsee has said about this film.

Your film is releasing on a weekend when there is not a very good atmosphere in the industry. how are you feeling
When you feel nervous or scared, when it is new. But when this cycle continues for weeks and weeks, its effect stops. He says that don’t scare anyone so much that his fear ends. After all, how long will you be afraid of something? So this thing has stopped affecting me. Now I have also come to that zone that I have done my work and my film is also good. Rest is up to you, if you want to see then look. If you don’t see me, I don’t know what to tell you. I just know that I have made a good film.

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Everyone gets nervous before the release of the film. But is there a different kind of feeling nowadays?
I have always said that you should have that butterfly feeling before the release of the film. That’s why there is always that butterfly feeling before the release of the film. But you think that I am scared that people are not coming to the theater to watch the film or you say that people do not like the film, so I sit in fear, then that fear is not me. There is a general nervousness for any actor that how people will like our film, whether it will or not. It tells you that the film matters to you, so that wali feeling to hai mere mein. But he who is afraid of falling, then he is not much to me.

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Your films are being liked on OTT. But those films are not getting good response on theatres. What do you think is the reason for this?
Who is getting the response on theaters nowadays? When my film was released in theatres, people did not come, but after it came on OTT, they are praising me. When ‘Shabaash Mithu’ released on OTT, my phone could not stop ringing. After its release, she started trending at number one. Earlier, when it was released in theatres, I felt that we may not have made a good film, so people did not come to watch. But the kind of response I got on OTT, people are calling and telling me, so it feels a bit bad to think why you didn’t give the film a chance at the theatres. But I think now we have come to that stage that we are all on the same kayak. I am glad that people have seen the film on OTT and liked it so much. I’m trying to see the glass half full now. Now the purpose of doing my film is not that I should earn more money or work with a big star. It is my endeavor that the film reaches the hearts of the people and this is happening. Then even if it is not right on the theater, then it is right on OTT. When the time is right, I hope my films will do well in theatres.

Your films are playing on OTT but not in theatres. Is it that the audience has problems not with the actor but with the theater?
Right now it feels like this, because it is not that my film is not doing well. If only my film was not working and all the films behind me would have been hits, then I would probably feel that there is a problem in me. But today everyone is riding in the same boat. But it seems that somewhere we are going wrong and something needs to be improved so that people come to the theatre. But my experience is too short to tell what that thing is. I think the people running the film studios and the distributors etc. have to think something about this together.

Some are saying that the content of films is weak, while some are saying that cinema tickets have become very expensive. Why do you think the audience is not coming to the cinema?
I hear a new reason everyday. One is also that people now like to watch movies sitting at home. Two years into the pandemic, that comfort zone has become that people think that they will watch the film at home. Then one day it is heard that the OTT release window has reduced, so people know that the film will come on OTT in four-five weeks, so why go to the theatres. Then one day it is heard that the ticket price has become very high, which the middle class cannot afford. Then it is heard that the unemployment of the people has increased so much or there is less money in the pockets of the people, so they do not have money to buy movie tickets. I get to hear new reasons every day and all these reasons seem to be correct too. But I am too little experienced to tell the real reason why the audience is not coming to the cinema.

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