Swathi Sathish Surgery: Actress Swati Satish’s face deteriorated due to wrong surgery, serious allegations against the doctor

Everyone knows how important her face and beauty are to film and TV stars. But when it gets spoiled for some reason, then the career is ruined. While many stars undergo various surgeries to look beautiful, an actress found it difficult to undergo root canal surgery. Kannada actress Swati Satish’s face deteriorated due to wrong treatment. What has happened to the wrong treatment, it can be clearly guessed by seeing the face of Swati Satish.

Swati Satish’s face deteriorated after a bad surgery

Post-surgery pictures of Swati Satish have surfaced, in which her face has deteriorated badly. According to the report of ‘News18’, Swati Satish, a resident of Bangalore, recently underwent root canal therapy. After this, his entire face was swollen and pain started. The doctor assured Swati Satish that in two-three days her face would be fine and the swelling would also go away.

Actress Swati Satish’s face deteriorated after surgery, Photo: social media

Swati Satish stopped leaving the house

But even after 3 weeks the condition remains the same. Neither Swati Satish’s face has swollen nor pain. The whole situation has deteriorated, due to which it is becoming difficult to recognize Swati Satish. Because of this, Swati Satish has now stopped leaving the house.

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Swati Satish accuses the doctor
Actress Swati Satish has allegedly accused the doctor of giving her wrong and half-baked information about treatment and medicines. It is being claimed that during the treatment, the actress was given salicylic acid instead of anesthesia. Swati Satish came to know about this when she went to another hospital for treatment. Now Swati Satish is at home. Swati Satish has worked in films like ‘FIR’ and 6 to 6.

Chetna Raj died of surgery last week

Last month i.e. in May 2022, Chetna Raj died due to plastic surgery. According to reports, Chetna Raj had gone to the hospital for fat free surgery. After the surgery, Chetna Raj’s health started deteriorating and her lungs were filled with water.

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