Sunny Deol: Sunny Deol, who came to the rescue of ‘Gadar 2’, gave a reply to those who spread hatred, said – do not take it so seriously

Sunny Deol: Sunny Deol, who came to the rescue of ‘Gadar 2’, gave a reply to those who spread hatred, said – do not take it so seriously

The good are getting overwhelmed by the roar of Tara Singh aka Sunny Deol. ‘Gadar 2’ has done a business of around 439 crores in 16 days. Now ‘Bahubali 2’ and ‘Pathan’ are competing to break the record. Where more than half of the public is not tired of praising it. At the same time, there are some people who are talking negative things about it. A lot is being said about India and Pakistan. Now Sunny Deol has reacted on all these. He told people in an interview not to take this movie so seriously.

Adorned with stars like Sunny Deol, Ameesha Patel, Manish Wadhwa, Utkarsh Sharma, Gaurav Chopra, Simrat Kaur, ‘Gadar 2’ set sail in two weeks. It is getting both good and bad reactions. Now in the interview given to ‘BBC Asian Network’, Sunny Deol also put forth his stand. He said that this film is not anti-Pakistan. He claimed that the hatred between the two countries is a political thing. Because in the end there is humanity and people from both sides are made of the same clay. The actor also said that he has not let anyone down in this movie and Tara Singh’s character is just that kind of person.

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Sunny Deol raised questions on news channels

Sunny Deol said that now the time has come that people in politics should not start looking at the world from the point of view of votes. Apart from this, he also reacted to that, saying that while Manish Wadhwa, who became the villain, performs a violent act in the movie, on the other hand, Kalma is heard in the background. Sunny Deol said that this film should not be taken too seriously. A lot of nonsense is going on on social media. Along with this, ridiculous things are happening on the news channels as well, due to which it is affecting everything. But cinema is in terms of entertainment and obviously it is an extension of cinema. Because that’s how you want your characters to be. If they are not like that, then you cannot enjoy them.

Sunny Deol’s upcoming movies

‘Gadar 2’ has become the most successful and highest grossing film of Sunny Deol’s career. Before this, none of his films could collect so much. Apart from this, there is news that Gadar 3 will also come. But everyone has kept silence about that. Apart from this, actor Mithun Chakraborty will make the film ‘Baap’ with Jackie Shroff and Sanjay Dutt. Also there are some other projects on which he will start working. Talks are on on that.

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