Sudhir Mishra considers a 2-hour film better than a web series, has given these reasons

Theaters remained closed for more than a year after the outbreak of Corona virus in the year 2020. During the lockdown, most of the audience remained on entertainment through online platforms. Web series coming on OTT is now considered as an option instead of films and most of the filmmakers are making series with many episodes with big actors. However, famous director Sudhir Mishra says that he is still seen standing in favor of films.

OTT is a good place
National Award winning director and screenwriter Sudhir Mishra, who has made famous films like ‘Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi’, feels that box office alone is not the only measure of success. Who is the big star? Speaking to Hindustan Times while giving his views on OTT platforms, Sudhir said, ‘OTT is a great place. Firstly, for the economics of a platform, it is not necessary that every film turns out to be a blockbuster. Economics works on the entire profit of a platform.

movies still better than web series
Speaking in support of films as compared to web series, Sudhir further said, ‘Just like there are books in the shelf, in the same way all kinds of films should be made. So I think it’s good enough. I like to watch some web series. But still I would say that a 2 hour film is still a better way to tell a story.

‘Never ending web series sucks’
The length of the web series should be determined. Sudhir Mishra believes that very long web series cannot be watched. “There are some projects like Breaking Bed, Better Call or The Wire that require 10 episodes. The length of the web series or cinema gives you time to develop the complete story. You can show different types of characters, show many sub-plots. All this happens quite well in a web show. But I don’t like never ending web series at all. Sudhir Mishra is currently working on his next project with Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Bhumi Pednekar.