Such was the story of Pankaj Tripathi, neither had to sit under the street light nor sleep at the railway station.

If you are sitting watching a film and see Pankaj Tripathi on the screen, then it is sure to be satisfied that there is definitely something good in the film. Pankaj Tripathi, who won the hearts of the audience with his amazing performance, does not need any recognition today. However, it is not that the popularity and fan following that he has got today was the same from the beginning. Pankaj Tripathi has also had to make a lot of papad to establish his foot in the industry. Pankaj Tripathi’s film career started in the year 2004 and he left for Mumbai for acting. Pankaj Tripathi took this step at a time when there was no means of earning in the house and wife was also in search of money.

The journey to reach here is full of struggle
Today there is hardly anyone who is not convinced of Pankaj Tripathi’s acting. The journey to reach here has been full of struggle. Wife had taken B.Ed degree, so that till Pankaj Tripathi finds some work for himself, he can run the house. They came to Mumbai and in terms of budget they got a house there. After that, when it came to jobs, they used to do classified searches in the newspapers, in which they used to find where are the vacancies of teachers, which were needed around the house. He could not get a job in any school. Somehow Pankaj Tripathi persuaded the wife to go to school and give her resume, after which she agreed, but there she got the answer that there is no job. He kept his resume with him. However, the next day he also got a call and after the interview he got his job.

‘We were living in a small one room kitchen house’
He had told, ‘I remember that I had no work and my wife used to teach in a school in Mumbai. She ran the household alone, which took care of the basic needs of the household. I don’t think I had a very sad struggle story. I never had to sit under street lights or sleep at the railway station. We were living in a small one room kitchen house and those days were wonderful too.
Here Pankaj Tripathi got involved in his acting struggle. He started wandering from office to office. There the concierge used to stop them. When the concierge used to ask him who has called, he used to say that he has not called, God has sent. When the casting director inside would ask him, he would have replied that Ishwar ji has sent it… Then he would have asked who Ishwar ji, then Pankaj Tripathi would have pointed towards the one above. Many people laughed after listening to him and praised his sense of humour, but many people used to get angry too. It took a long time for Pankaj Tripathi to wander.

Started with the film ‘Run’ in 2004
Pankaj Tripathi started his career in the year 2004 with the film ‘Run’. After that he continued to do small roles for about 8 years. Eventually he got recognition in the 2012 film ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ and then he started walking. Pankaj Tripathi, who has played an important role in many big films like ‘Singham Returns’, ‘Masaan’ and ‘Super 30’, ‘Gunjan Saxena’, ‘Angrezi Medium’, ‘Mimi’, ‘Oh My God 2’, web series ‘Sacred Games’ 2′, ‘Mirzapur’, ‘Criminal Justice’.