Special conversation: Pankaj Tripathi said- Bihar’s police station was the reference point for my role in ‘Bunty Aur Babli 2’

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In the film ‘Bunty Aur Babli 2’, Pankaj Tripathi appeared in the important role of Police Inspector Jatayu Singh. For this role, he has taken reference from a Thanedar of Bihar. Like every one of his films, he has put his input in this too. In a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, he has shared many things related to the film.

What kind of cases were solved in the character of Police Inspector Jatayu Singh?
Yes, my character Jatayu Singh is a very intelligent and colorful cop. They think that the biggest mysteries will solve this. Bunty and Babli’s case will be solved. There is a game of thugs and police in the film. Jatayu Singh is a bit filmy and a bit colorful. There is also same time entertainment. They believe that I will solve the whole case by playing games. But what and how twist comes next in their story, the same is inside the film.

Tell me an interesting anecdote from the sets?
In those days there was a very pleasant atmosphere on the sets with Rani, Saif, Siddhant, Sharvari etc. Director Varun is from Kanpur, so our Kanpuriya connect was also good. The film has been shot in a very cheerful atmosphere. Had to do comedy, nothing intense. There was great freedom to work.

Who do you consider to inspire your character?
In Bihar, there was a Mishraji Thanedar. I had seen them. I have caught them a little bit. My reference point in this was Mishraji. I have coined this character from his reference. Until a senior officer came to the police station, Mishraji did not even wear a cap. He used to wear uniform and keep his hair straight. He had a different style of getting in and out of the car, getting up and walking.

What was the atmosphere of the set like during the Corona period?
Some parts of the film were shot earlier, some were shot later. Patchwork took place in between. We used to make biobubbles. Our entire unit lived in a hotel. Used to come from the hotel to the set and go straight to the hotel from the set. In between, some portions happened very leisurely. Yash Raj Films’ arrangement is very good. The ambiance and protocol of the set was very healthy, so worked stress-free.

How was the experience of working with the co-star?
When Rani Mukerji comes on the sets, she brings fountains of laughter. Some used to laugh openly on his one liner and some used to laugh secretly. As soon as she comes on the set, she keeps the atmosphere lighter. On the other hand, Saif Ali Khan has a different sense of humour. It was such a fun experience.

Recently Children’s Day was celebrated, how do you see the increasing responsibilities on children and their challenging future?
Our futures are children. Tomorrow’s world will be in their hands and they will run, they will manage. As we grow up in age, we will give the environment, nature, water, pond, oxygen etc. as clean and save as beautifully in their hands. They will pass on nature with the same responsibility. We all need clean air, pure water. There is a great need to work on that. There is talk everywhere and people are still working. I feel that give better environment to your children so that their health and well being remains along with career. They get better environment.

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