Soorma Bhopali: Jagdeep had made a third marriage with a girl 33 years younger, heart fell on the girl’s sister who came to see the son!

Soorma Bhopali: Jagdeep had made a third marriage with a girl 33 years younger, heart fell on the girl’s sister who came to see the son!
People in the industry know Jagdeep more by the name of Surma Bhopali. Soorma Bhopali of the film ‘Sholay’ has been one of the brilliant comedy actors of the industry. Jagdeep’s full name is Syed Ishtiaq Jafri, who was born on 29 March 1939. Jagdeep has shown his brilliant acting in more than 400 films. Please inform that Jagdeep has worked as a child artist in B.R. Chopra’s film ‘Afsana’ started his career.

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Jagdeep was born on 29 March 1939 in Datia in the then Central Provinces (Madhya Pradesh) and his father was a barrister. The country was partitioned in the year 1947 and after the passing of his father in the same year, his family started stumbling door to door. It is said that the mother came to Mumbai with Jagdeep and the rest of the children and started cooking food in an orphanage to feed herself and the children.

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Jagdeep used to cry a lot seeing his mother’s condition.

These stories of Jagdeep’s childhood are very painful. It is told that Jagdeep used to cry a lot after seeing the bad condition of his mother. It is said that Jagdeep left school to help his mother and started selling soap, combs and even kites. In an interview, Jagdeep had told a complete story about the situation in his childhood in which he remembered the days of his struggle. He had said – I did not want to earn money by doing any wrong work, so I started selling small items on the street.
Jagdeep Birthday: Jagdeep was raised by his mother by cooking food in the orphanage, son Javed Jafri was angry with him for this reason.

were getting 3 rupees for clapping

It is said that during the same time BR Chopra was making a film named ‘Afsana’ and he was looking for a child artist for a scene in this film. When someone saw Jagdeep on the road, he was also brought to the set of this film. It is said that he worked in this film because where he used to earn only rupee-one-and-a-half rupees in a day by selling combs, he was getting three rupees for clapping on the sets of the film.
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Film screen and set also got hooked

It was from here that he also got a taste of the film screen and set. Jagdeep gradually established himself in the film world and brought himself in the line of stars like Johnny Walker to Mehmood.
Salim Khan, who made Jagdeep ‘Soorma Bhopali’, said – Timing is needed for comedy and she was in him

Jagdeep had married third and that girl was 33 years younger

Jagdeep’s third marriage has been in a lot of controversies. The story of this marriage of Jagdeep is quite surprising. It is said that the girl had come to see Jagdeep’s second son Naved and then Naved refused to marry. Naved then wanted to make his career and hence did not want to get stuck in marriage. It is said that Jagdeep fell in love with the sister of the girl Naved was about to marry and he also proposed her, the girl also agreed to this marriage.

Son Javed Jaffrey was very upset with Jagdeep’s marriage.

Jagdeep’s third wife Nazima was 33 years younger to him. It was being said that Jagdeep’s son Javed Jafri was very upset with this marriage. Nazima and Jagdeep have a daughter Muskaan who is only 6 months younger than Javed’s son Meezaan.

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