Sonu Sood said on the debate of Loud Speakers and Hanuman Chalisa, said- people are spewing poison, it breaks the heart to see

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has started living in limelight due to COVID 19 Lockdown. He has also been raising his voice on every popular issue. A few days ago, he had said on the controversy regarding Hindi language that there is only one language of the country and that is the language of entertainment. According to him, it doesn’t matter who belongs to which industry. If you can entertain, people will love and respect you. And now Sonu Sood has spoken his mind on the political turmoil over Hanuman Chalisa and Loud Speaker Controversy.

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has asked everyone to live together. At the same time, referring to the time of Corona, he has said, ‘There is sadness over the loudspeaker and Hanuman Chalisa controversy. It breaks my heart to see the way people are now pitting against each other and spewing venom. In the last shield years, all of us together have fought the war against Corona Viral. We should still be together.’ Sonu further said, ‘Political parties also helped shoulder to shoulder in the Corona epidemic. In the first and second wave of Corona, when people needed oxygen, then everyone helped each other without worrying about any religion. The fear of Corona had united the whole country. Beyond religion our relations were bound in unbreakable bonds.

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Sonu Sood asks everyone to come together
Sonu Sood, who attended the JITO Connect 2022 summit in Pune, further said that everyone needs to come together for a better India. The boundaries of religion and caste have to be broken. ‘If we stand together beyond religion, the loudspeaker controversy will automatically end. The voice of humanity and brotherhood will resonate in the society again. Talking about Sonu Sood’s workfront, he is currently hosting Roadies 18. Apart from this, his film ‘Acharya’ has been released. In this, Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan are seen together on screen.