Sona Mohapatra targeted Bollywood – it is a matter of shame, work in Hindi industry and do not know Hindi

Bollywood’s famous singer and composer Sona Mohapatra has targeted those stars who do not speak Hindi despite working in the Hindi industry. Responding to the Hindi language controversy, Sona Mohapatra took a jibe at those artists and called it shameful. Singer said that the stars of the South Industry proudly raise their culture high, but Hindi film actors are struggling because they are unable to speak the language. Also, the singer praised South’s films fiercely.

In a conversation with India Today, Sona Mohapatra was asked a question on Hindi Debate. Responding to this, she said that, the only thing I can say is that I saw RRR and Pushpa and I started dancing while watching it. My only reaction after watching these movies is Hates Off. Be it the direction or the casting, everything was wonderful. Also, it was great to see them grow their culture.

Taunt on those who do not speak Hindi
Sona Mohapatra while increasing her point said, We have very wonderful stars in Bollywood too. Just a knock that some stars here speak Hindi with great difficulty. It’s a shame because being a Hindi film star, if you can’t speak your language properly. This is the specialty that Indian aesthetics are still seen a lot in South films.

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How did the Hindi language controversy arise?

Let us tell you that the Hindi controversy arose after the rhetoric of Ajay Devgan and South Star Kicha Sudeep. Ajay Devgan had called Hindi as the national language while Kichcha Sudeep said at a press event that Pan India films are now being made in Kannada and Hindi is no longer the national language.

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