Shooting of KGF 3 will start in October, preparing to make ‘Rocky’ a franchise like Marvel Universe

Prashanth Neel’s film KGF: Chapter 2 made history at the box office. The film has crossed the 1 thousand plus mark worldwide and now it has become the second highest such grossing Hindi film of the country. Actor Yash in the role of Rocky Bhai has engulfed the audience in such a way that the box office has not diminished even after the release of a film like ‘Doctor Strange’. After the blockbuster success of ‘KGF: Chapter 1’ and ‘KGF: Chapter 2’ (KGF: Chapter 2), the makers are now preparing for KGF: Chapter 3.

In an interview given a few days ago, actor Yash talked about ‘KGF: Chapter 3’ and told that it will see more intense and high octane action than the last two parts. Now the makers are preparing that they are going to pursue KGF as the Marvel Universe and actors of other big films will also join it.

KGF producer Vijay Kirgandur recently talked about the third part of the film i.e. KGF: Chapter 3 in an interview to ‘Dainik Bhaskar’. Also told what are their plans ahead. How will it move forward like the Marvel Universe?

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KGF: Chapter 3 to release in 2024, shooting in October this year
When producer Vijay Kirgandur was asked when will KGF: Chapter 3 come? In the third part, will Yash play the role of Rocky Bhai or any other actor? So he told that Prashant Neel is currently busy in ‘Salaar’ and is preparing to complete it by October or November this year. Vijay Kirgandur told that 30 to 35% shooting of ‘Salaar’ has been completed. The shooting of ‘KGF: Chapter 3’ will start after its shooting is completed in October or November. Accordingly, this film will be released in 2024.

‘KGF’ franchise to be made like ‘Marvel Universe’, more actors will join

Vijay Kirgandur told that he will now develop ‘KGF’ as Marvel Universe. For this, interesting characters from different films will be taken. Vijay Kirgandur said that the makers are planning to create a universe like ‘Doctor Strange’ or ‘Spiderman: Homecoming’. When Vijay Kirgandur was asked that he plans to make ‘KGF’ like the Marvel Universe, then which actors from North can be involved in it, he said that such stars can be taken by those who know action, like Hrithik Illuminating. He told that he will introduce matcho-looking stars and characters in ‘KGF’ in the upcoming parts.

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That’s why the bet was placed on KGF: Chapter 2

When Vijay Kirgandur was asked how and why did he decide to make such a big bet on the second part after ‘KGF: Chapter 1’? So he told that for the film, he had got a survey done on about 8 thousand people of North besides South. In this, the audience in the age group of 13 to 35 years was targeted. Heroism was shown in the film, editing was also kept very sharp. But don’t get stuck in it. Vijay Kirgandur also told that considering both the parts of KGF and their benchmark, the budget of KGF: Chapter 3 can go up to 500 crores.
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Now it remains to be seen what twists and new characters will be seen in ‘KGF: Chapter 3’. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the third part since the post-credits scene in ‘KGF 2’. There is news that ‘Bahubali’ fame Rana Daggubati has been approached for the role of Villain in ‘KGF: Chapter 3’. Rana Daggubati was seen in the role of Bhallal Dev in ‘Bahubali’. However, nothing has been confirmed yet. Villain Adheera has died in ‘KGF 2’ and the search for a new villain is on.