Seeing Neelam Kothari, Govinda went mad, told Sunita to be like her

Govinda and his wife Sunita were married on 11 March 1987. For about 4 years, an attempt was made to keep this marriage hidden from the world. However, before Sunita, Govinda’s heart was beating for Neelam Kothari. It is said that Govinda broke his engagement with Sunita to marry Neelam. In his interview given in the year 1990, Govinda had openly said a lot about his love affair.

Govinda used to ask Sunita to be like Neelam
At that time Govinda was at the peak of his career. He appeared in many films with Neelam Kothari. In the year 1990, Govinda spoke openly to ‘Stardust’ about his love life. Govinda himself had told how he had become mad for Neelam on seeing her. Govinda’s passion for Neelam was such that he had even told Sunita to change himself and become like Neelam.

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When Neelam was first noticed by Govinda
According to reports, seeing ‘Illzaam’ co-star Neelam Kothari at first sight, she was heartbroken. Govinda had told that he first met Neelam in Pranlal Mehta’s office and at that time the actress was in white shorts. Talking about the beauty of Neelam, the actor said that she looked absolutely angelic at that time in long hair and had spoken hello to Govinda very nicely. Govinda was afraid to reply to him because he felt that his English was embarrassing.

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Govinda was merciless with Sunita
Govinda had said in his interview, ‘I used to ask Sunita to change herself and ask to be like Neelam. I used to say that he should learn from them. I had become very heartless. Govinda never used to leave any opportunity to praise Neelam.

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had broken the engagement with Sunita
He also told an anecdote that when he was traveling with Sunita in a flight once, the wife said something for Neelam, on which Govinda lost his temper and ended everything. While disclosing this, he himself said that he had broken his engagement with Sunita. Govinda said, ‘I told Sunita to leave me. I even called off my engagement with him. After this Sunita called me after 5 days and then she convinced me. I would have probably married Neelam.

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Neelam wanted such a husband
In this conversation, Govinda also admitted that he wanted to marry Neelam, but had different ambitions and was looking for an intelligent, well-paid, good-looking husband. He told that in every respect they were different from each other. We may not even be successful as a married couple and Neelam must have felt the same.

Did not tell Neelam for a year after marriage
Govinda made another disclosure about his relationship and told that Neelam did not even get any news about his and Sunita’s marriage for a year. He said, ‘I probably didn’t even tell him about it because I didn’t want to break this successful screen pair. And to be honest, to a large extent, I have ruined my personal relationship with Neelam to a great extent in the pursuit of profession.

Neelam marries Sameer Soni

Regarding his dirty game with Neelam, Govinda agreed and said that I should have told him that I was married. While Govinda is leading a happy family life by marrying Sunita, Neelam also married Sameer Soni in the year 2011 and adopted a baby girl, named Ahana, in 2013.

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