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Sarkari Vari Pata Tamil Movie Download Isaimini

Sarkari Vaari Paata Tamil Movie Download: Sarkari Vaari Paata is the latest movie starring Tollywood superstar Mahesh Babu. The film was released worldwide today amid huge anticipation after several delays. Young director Parushuram Petla directed and Kirti Suresh played the heroine. Thaman provided the music. Produced by Maitree Movie Makers. And let’s see if Mahesh Babu gets expectations with this movie. Hero Mahesh (Mahesh Babu)’s parents commit suicide because they can not pay in the bank. The government will auction off their house in their song. In this sequence, the orphan Mahesh .. is educated in an orphanage with a mastery egg.

He then runs a loan recovery business in the United States. Stubborn arrears are also the type of word that collects nose flour. In this sequence, Mahesh is getting acquainted with Kalavati (Kirti Suresh). In the process, she borrows some money from Mahesh. After that, he is cheating the hero by not paying the money. In this sequence, the hero .. meets the artist’s father Rajendranath (Samudrakhani). The story took a turn for the worse when Rajendranath told the media that he owed tens of thousands of crores. In this sequence Mahesh Babu .. Rajendra Nath said why he has a debt of tens of thousands of crores. What are the dramatic consequences of what happens after that? Government their song story.

Sarkari Vaari Paata Tamil Movie Download Isaimini

The director has now chosen a subject that connects everyone, regardless of class or mass, for their song film by the government. Ordinary middle-class man only for home .. It is natural to take a loan from the bank for family needs. If the middle-class man does not build a single EMI .. Recovery agents will take over the people as if something earthquake had happened. The same thousands of crores of rupees are being registered under Babu (debt evaders) (defaulters) who are being defrauded by the banks. Director Parashuram succeeds in portraying a subject that connects such a common audience as Comedy Plus Action Entertainer. Especially before the Interval Bang, he pictured the Fight Mass audience on the beach.

In this movie, Mahesh Babu’s name is also Mahesh .. otherwise, everyone is affectionately known as Mahi. He is a pawnbroker. He owns a finance shop called Mahi Financial Corporation. Through it all, he lends money at interest. If not, Mahi is very careful about money due to some events in his life as a child. Mahi also knows how to collect money from anyone who does not give it to them on time. How far does it go to collect the money? Mahi then has to travel to the US to collect Osari’s money.

It was there that Kirti Suresh was introduced to Mahi. His name is Kalavati. Borrows some money from Mahi for his education. Mahi .. falls in love as soon as he sees her. He gives no matter how much money he asks for. If cut, Mahi will clash with Bada businessman Samudrakhani (Rajendranath). Mahi then exposes the Rajendranath scam. What kind of war will ensue between Rajendranath and Mahi? What is the relationship between Rajendranath and Mahi’s father? What happened when Mahi was a child? Why does Mahi’s father leave everything and go with only one rupee bill? If you want to know things, you have to watch the movie on the silver screen.

Mahesh Babu has once again said that he is a hooligan + aggressor .. Leaving aside the logic in this movie .. Mahesh Babu excelled with his acting plus comedy timing. He shrugged the whole movie over his shoulders. Especially in action scenes. There are plenty of chances that the government will stop their song in Mahesh Babu’s career as a range film after hooliganism and aggression. Moreover, Mahesh Babu’s first appearance as his name Mahesh in this movie is a moment that gives a kick to the superstar fans. As for Kirti Suresh ..

The audience is still watching the great Savitri. Even if it is done well in this type of role .. it must be said that the great impact did not go out of the minds of the audience. In this movie, Samudrakhani plays the role of the powerful villain Rajendranath. Perfectly set for that role. Vennela Kishore, who played the other roles, Subbaraju’s comedy is making the audience laugh. Tanikella Bharani, Nagababu and Posani did not seem to mind.

The film is a one-man show. Mahesh in particular survived. Along with the Mahesh Mass dialogues, the comedy timing has also faded. Mahesh Energy also looked superb, especially in the action scenes. Kirti Suresh also did justice to his role. Dried up her beauties. Moonlight Kishore excelled as a comedian. Samudrakhani .. cultivated his vilanija. The background music of the movie also faded away. The super-duper hit songs released before the movie looked even better on screen. Overall, Parusharam screened the film brilliantly and introduced the latest Mahesh Babu to the audience.

And last but not least, the director has mastered the role of Mahi. To the liking of mass and class fans .. the director has succeeded in shaping Mahesh. Also .. the movie will be full of entertainment. In a way .. the government feels that their song is a dinner for the Telugu audience. For two and a half hours you can just watch Mahesh and enjoy the movie.

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