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Sarkari Vari Pata Full Movie Hindi Dubbed Download

Sarkaru Vaari Paata Full Movie Hindi Dubbed Download: Mahesh Babu, who is credited with his hat-trick success with the films Bharat Mein, Maharshi, and Sarileru Nikevvaru, has recently come forward with ‘Sarkari Vari Pata’ after a gap of two years. Parashuram, who received a romantic blockbuster with the movie Geeta Govindam, directed the film. Interest in the film has grown since the title announcement. Already released posters, teasers and songs have created a positive buzz about the movie. In addition to that, the promotions were also organized in a grand manner which created hype on ‘Government is their song’. To what extent did the audience react to this film which was released amid huge expectations?

The speculations started after the release of the song “Kalavati” on the film which came in the director Parashuram combination after the super hit like Mahesh Babu and “Gita Govindam” after the blockbuster like “Sarileru Nikevvaru”. Those expectations increased further after the trailer was released. In addition to that, Mahesh Babu said that 45 minutes in the first half is sure to tie the audience and that such an episode has not been done in his entire career.

Sarkaru Vaari Paata Full Movie Hindi Dubbed Download Filmywap

Mahi alias Mahesh (Mahesh Babu) is doing interest business in America under the name ‘Mahi Finance Corporation’. Those who have taken his finance have to pay on time including interest. Or he will go wherever they are and collect. No matter how many of them left. Kalavati (Kirti Suresh) borrows 10 thousand dollars by lying to such a person to study. Mahesh does not lend to anyone so easily. He likes her at first sight and lends as much as she asks.

Mahesh Babu appears as the protagonist who fits the second sentence at the point “The one who has no debt is strong. The one who repays the loan is still strong”. Mahesh has a flashback of giving out hand loans in America and crushing and collecting non-refundable ones. For that matter, it is a story tied to a social cause. Perfect in terms of point indeed. Also okay in terms of story. But there were a lot of mistakes in running the article. No matter how commercial the format, there is a measure for everything. Magic is missed if it is missed. Then the lack of logic seems to have struck. It happened right here.

The artist enjoys the money. One day Mahesh will know the real thing. He then asks her to repay the $ 10,000 he owed her. He also lays his hand on the art that says no to it. When the money was not given though, `Does our father know anyone? I will not even give you money, ‘provokes Mahesh. Kalavati’s father Rajendranath (Samudrakhani) was a big businessman in Visakhapatnam and a Rajya Sabha MP. Mahesh leaves for Visakhapatnam saying that he will collect the money from him.

When he got there, Rajendranath told him that he should not have given 10 thousand dollars, but Rs. Tens of thousands of crores, he tells the media. What about the tens of thousands of crores of rupees? What is Mahesh Babu’s past? The rest of the story of ‘Sarkari Vari Pata‘ is how Mahesh finally collected Rs 10,000 crore. The first half ran fun with a touch of comedy. But this is not the main point of the story. The love track between the protagonists. The story goes from comedy to a serious tone when the actual point begins.

Samudrakhani is a big trader in Visakhapatnam. Even the ruling party MP. Prominent in Delhi. So far so good. But when the daughter from America called to say that she was in trouble, the police got on the helicopter and shot the troubled hero with gallons. This means that the power of our MP Gary can even overthrow the American police. The big hero movie should be seen from a commercial angle but the scenes that are not strong enough to be seen without looking for logic are clinging like stones under the tooth.

Many ordinary people are committing suicide because they cannot pay their debts in the banks. But some businessmen have evaded thousands of crores of rupees in banks and are roaming freely in the society. Director Parashuram said the government had screened their song film based on the story of how such an impact would have on the banks. The director chose a good message point and tried to attract the youth by adding commercial elements to it. The point the hero picks up in the movie is, to be honest. Since you have to watch commercial movies without logic .. it does not seem so embarrassing to the audience.

First off is all about comedy. Mahesh’s Punches on Moonlight Kishore .. Love track with art entertains the audience. The director designed the hero character without any doubt that he would come to India from America for only 10 thousand dollars. The real story begins in the second half. The story here takes a somewhat serious turn. The director filled the comedy scene ‘Josh’ with ‘Kalavi Vesi Nidrinche’ with Kalavati. The second half also ends with Mahesh’s punchy dialogues, Prabhas Srinu’s comedy, and flashbacks. The dialogues that the hero says about the banks make everyone think. There are a lot of things that Mahesh fans like in this movie.

Superstar Mahesh Babu transcended the role of a woman who trades in interest in America. Along with the fights, the dance also did wonderfully. The timing of his comedy, however, has faded. He carried the entire film on his shoulders and looked very stylish on-screen. Kirti Suresh impresses as a brat girl artist. After Mahesh, Samudrakhani is the most mature character in the film. He gave life to the character of Rajendranath who had negative shades. Moonlight Kishore’s comedy is impressive. The rest of the cast did justice to their roles.

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As for the technicalities .. the main strength of this film is its music. He was thrilled with his own BGM with the songs. Kalavati, Ma .. Ma .. Mahesha songs, however, make the fans squeal in the theaters. Madi’s cinematography is good. Marthand K Venkatesh Editing Never mind. The production values ​​are in line with the level of the film.

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