Salman Khan opened up about his father Salim Khan marrying actor dancer Helen and the Salma and family eventually accepted her – Entertainment News India

Bollywood stars are in discussion not only about their professional life but also about their personal life. Helen celebrates her birthday on 21 November. Helen, who was the best actress and dancer of her time, married Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan in the year 1981. At the same time, Salman also talked about this in an interview.

I used to get angry…
Actually in the year 1990, while talking about that time, Salman Khan told Filmfare, ‘My mother is everything to me and I don’t think I need any reason for this. We get along very well because I am mama’s boy. I can’t see him sad, but he was hurt when my father remarried. I used to get angry when she waited for Papa to come home.

I was ten…
Salman had further said, ‘Slowly mother started adopting it. Papa explained to us that he loves his mother very much and will always be with all of us. I was about 10 years old at that time and it took me time to adopt Helen Aunty, but today she is a part of our family. Our family is like a clenched fist. We all know that if any one of us needs anyone, we will all be there.

what did helen say
Helen, who won everyone’s heart with her dance during the 1960s and 1970s, also spoke about her marriage to Salim Khan during a conversation with Filmfare. Helen had said, ‘I was initially guilty of the fact that Salim Khan is married. But Salim was different from the rest of the industry. I respect him a lot, and he helped me a lot without exploding me.

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