salim khan love story helen: Salim Khan B’day Spl salman Khan and family was left heartbroken after his second marriage with Helen

Salim Khan (Salim Khan B’day Spl ) whose strong script made many Bollywood films superhit. The personal life of Salim Khan, who made the film world truly Bollywood, has also been no less than a film story. One such anecdote related to Salim Khan’s life is the marriage of Helen, which surprised the whole family.

Helen used to be a glamorous actress of her time, which was also the only reason for many to watch the film. People especially used to turn to theaters to see his dance.

It was the 70’s when this beautiful Bollywood actress Helen and Salim met for the first time. At that time Salim Khan was married and Helen was also married to Prem Narayan Arora. However, Helen is deceived in this marriage and says that her husband has sold off all the property of the actress. At that time Helen was badly broken by this deception and Salim Khan became her support.

It is said that Salim Khan helped him a lot in getting him films and became an emotional support. Gradually his career took off. The relationship between the two, made only for work, turned into friendship and then they fell in love. It is said that the reason for this love was Helen’s nature, due to which Salim Khan gave her heart. After this, this relationship of both of them flourished and then the matter came till marriage.

However, one of the biggest setbacks from this marriage was Salma, the first wife of Salim Khan, with whom he had tied the knot in 1964 itself. It is said that after the second marriage in 1981, Helen’s entry in the family created a stir. Not only the wife was against Salim Khan’s second marriage, but all his children Salman, Arbaaz, Sohail and Alvira were also there. According to reports, Salma, who was angry with Salim Khan’s marriage, started living in despair and depression.

Helen came from Burma and due to poverty in the family, she became a background dancer. At that time it was very difficult to accept such glamorous in films. In such a situation, Salim Khan broke all the stereotypes and took a decision about his life.

It is said that seeing the displeasure of the family, Helen decided that she would live separately, but Salim Khan had decided that he would live under the same roof with Helen and Salma. Helen took care of everyone and got along very well with the family members. Gradually, all the members of the family became convinced of the beauty of Helen’s nature and they started accepting her. First of all, Salma accepted this relationship, seeing that the children automatically started forgetting the bitterness of this relationship.

It is said that Helen and Salim Khan did not have any children of their own and that is why they adopted Arpita Khan. Salma also told her children that Helen was their mother and the children accepted her as their mother.

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