Reena Roy, once called Saira Ali, had to seek Shatrughan Sinha’s help after marrying a Pakistani cricketer

The name of Bollywood actress Reena Roy has been associated a lot with Shatrughan Sinha. The controversy about the love between the two had reached so far that it was said that both could get married soon. Meanwhile, a shocking news came in the industry and the news of Poonam’s marriage with Shatrughan Sinha was everywhere. However, it is also said that Shatrughan Sinha himself had told Reena about his marriage to Poonam and at that time the actress had also threatened him. According to the reports, Reena had said then – It doesn’t matter if you are marrying Poonam, but if I did it to someone else, I would have killed. Well, on 9 July 1980, Shatrughan Sinha married Poonam and this time Reena Roy’s love life took a new turn.

Married to Pakistani cricketer Mohsin Khan
However, where were those who said it? Even in Shatrughan Sinha’s married life, those who talked about Reena Roy kept calling Reena Roy the ‘other woman’ in his life. In the 80s, the meeting of Reena Roy and Mohsin started making media headlines. In the midst of all this, Reena Roy surprised everyone by marrying Pakistani cricketer Mohsin Khan. It is said that both got married in Karachi, Pakistan.

Reena Roy was at the peak of her career
It is said that both of them got married during a secret ceremony and put a brake on their well-known Bollywood career. Reena Roy was at the peak of her career at that time and her fans were surprised by her decision. Reena Roy had a daughter from Mohsin, whom she named ‘Jannat’. However, this marriage was a wrong decision, which they realized within a few years and they separated. Reena said goodbye to the film world, but it is discussed that she was not ready to settle down in England with Husband. There has also been a rumor that Reena could not adjust to Mohsin’s lavish life, it is said that after the divorce, the father got the custody of the daughter. After this Mohsin married for the second time and the daughter came to Reena Roy. After this he changed the name of his daughter daughter to Sanam.

Shatrughan Sinha helped Reena for daughter’s custody
It is also discussed that Reena Roy had to make a lot of papad to get the custody of her daughter and Shatrughan Sinha helped her in this work. It is said that at the time when these problems were going on in Reena’s life, Shatrughan Sinha was a friend of the daughter of the former President of Pakistan, General Ziaul Haq, and on her behest, Reena got the custody of her daughter.

Saira Ali was the name
Reena Roy was born as Saira Ali. Reena and her other three siblings renounced their father’s name, Saqib Ali, after their mother-father’s divorce and adopted the mother’s name. However, Reena Roy’s name was later changed to Roopa Roy, who was later changed to Reena by the producers of the film ‘Zoorat’. He entered films as a teenager and the reason behind the decision to pursue a career in acting was to support the family financially.

Started work at a young age due to financial constraints
At the age of 15, Reena entered Bollywood with the film ‘Zoorat’. Growing up in Bombay, Reena got recognition from her film ‘Jaise Ko Taisa’. After the divorce, Reena returned to Hindi cinema and appeared in films like ‘Aadmi Toy Hai’, ‘Ajay’, ‘Refugee’. Roy then appeared in some TV reality shows like ‘Indian Idol’ with her daughter-in-law Barkha. Roy also runs her own acting school.

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