Raveena ji how fat have you become, what was a cool thing earlier – the actress was furious at the journalist’s question

Raveena Tandon, who plays Ramika Sen in KGF Chapter 2, is enjoying the success of the film these days. In this, he is in the role of the Prime Minister. Although it is expected that she will also be seen in KGF Chapter 3. Well, now in a recent interview, the actress recalled the time when she and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan were being criticized for their increased weight and obesity. Although he took a stand for this and gave a good answer as well.

Actually, Raveena Tandon spoke to Goodtimes. During this, the actress said, ‘It is about 2011. At that time Aishwarya gave birth to Aaradhya. Now that the baby is born, it is obvious that the mother is healthy. At that time he was gaining weight. Anyway, everyone’s body type is different. If it was taking time for him to come to his normal weight, then it is okay. That is his space. She has some responsibility for her first child. Despite the media telling him what to say to himself and to the child. He will not decide this.’

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Aishwarya Rai embarrassed due to increased weight
Raveena further told that after pregnancy, Aishwarya was ashamed of the increased weight. She says, ‘There was a time when I had gained a lot of weight after the delivery of my son. And I remember that I started working after that. And there was a press conference. There they fat shamed me. Even Aishwarya did it. And I took a stand on that matter and said that she has just had a baby.

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Raveena Tandon gave a befitting reply
According to Raveena, ‘At the press conference, a journalist asked – Hey Raveena ji, how fat have you become, you used to be a cool thing and now you are doing a reality show.’ On this the actress replied. He had said, ‘See brother, obesity will decrease but how will your appearance change.’