Rakhi Revealed: Rakhi was dating a don before marrying Ritesh, the number was blocked after seeing the first message

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Recently Rakhi Sawant has entered Bigg Boss 15. Three more people have come with her as VIPs, including Rakhi’s husband Ritesh. For the first time people have seen the face of Rakhi’s husband. Meanwhile, when Shamita asked Rakhi the story behind their marriage, she revealed that she was dating a don, and threatened Rakhi not to end the relationship. Due to this, Rakhi had lost faith in the boys.

Ritesh’s number was blocked by Rakhi
Rakhi told Shamita that soon after their marriage there was a lockdown and as soon as the lockdown was lifted, she had appeared in the last season of Bigg Boss. When Rashmi Desai asked Rakhi, Ritesh told that her father had shared Rakhi’s number for some event. A few days later, Ritesh sent a message to Rakhi by writing Hi. But Rakhi blocked him.

My father calls Ritesh Rakhi
Rakhi also told that she was depressed during that time. That’s why he blocked Ritesh’s number. At the same time, when Ritesh messaged Rakhi from the second number, he started talking and their relationship reached the bond of marriage. Rakhi calls Ritesh by my father’s nickname. Riteish’s name is saved from Papa in Rakhi’s phone.

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