Prakash Raj came out in support of Sai Pallavi, said – humanity is above all, we are with you

There was a lot of controversy over a comment of South’s actress Sai Pallavi. In fact, Sai Pallavi compared the target killing in Kashmir to mob lynching. After this Sai Pallavi faced a lot of criticism on social media. However, now actor Prakash Raj has come out openly in his support.

‘It’s okay to save what is being suppressed’
Sai Pallavi said in this interview, ‘I was asked in the interview whether you are on the right wing side or the left side? I openly told that I am not on either side and want to be a good person. Why are we now being identified on the basis of ideology? It is okay to save what is being suppressed. I had also seen Kashmir Files. I have never seen such a massacre and I was also affected by it. But I didn’t know that people are still getting influenced by it (film).

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Asked- Do you support violence?
Sai Pallavi openly said, ‘I am not comparing mob lynching with this, but I remember what I have seen in lockdown. I think violence is wrong in every sense and sin is in our religion. Prakash Raj has commented in support of this post. Prakash Raj said that humanity first says that we should stand with you.

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Saw Sai Pallavi’s statement?
For what the actress said wrong, her statement should be known. Sai Pallavi said, “Look, when I remember my 14 years of school time, it comes to mind that I used to go to school every day and there was only one line saying that all Indians are my brothers and sisters and I have to go to my country. I love it and I am proud of it. As children, we were never divided by caste, religion and identity. So whenever I say something, I say it in a very neutral way.

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