People are paying GST on paneer, where is the money to watch movies – Anurag Kashyap’s taunt on films flop

Bollywood’s famous filmmaker Anurag Kashyap often keeps his words very open. He gives his side on almost every issue and speaks openly from the front. Sometimes it happens that people get bitter about Anurag’s words but at the same time he has thousands of fans who like to listen to him and watch his movies. These days the director is making headlines for his film Dobara and due to this he is also doing many interviews. In one of his recent interviews, Anurag has said something very different when Hindi films are not working. He has explained it quite well.

Anurag’s sharp words on films
The filmmaker talked about the poor condition of Bollywood these days and the competition from the blockbusters of South films. Anurag feels that the situation is not as dire as is being speculated and the filmmakers are scared of the story made only in the media. He said, ‘I don’t think there is anything wrong or lacking in Hindi films. Only the story that is being made, the filmmakers are feeling scared because they are being intimidated. Some buy it, others don’t. We are making all kinds of films and perceptions are being created about ‘big blockbuster’ films which have not come from a Hindi film.’

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Not every South film works.
Talking about Hindi and South films, Anurag while talking to ‘Bollywood Now’ said, How do you know that South films are working. Doing the same thing in Telugu, same in Tamil and Kannada. How do you know that every film out there is working? You would have no idea which movie was released there last week. Because she is not even walking there.

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There is GST on paneer, from where will you go to see the film?
He further said, ‘The main problem is that people do not have money to spend. There is GST on cheese. You are levying GST on food items. It is a boycott game to distract him. People go to watch a film when they are sure that the film is good or they have been waiting for it for years.

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Bollywood hasn’t become independent even in 75 years
Linking the country’s economy with films, he said, ‘There is such a huge economic slum going on in the country. People are not paying attention to it. In Bollywood and movies, people are confused and removed from all the real problems. Keep talking about Bollywood or cricket, people in our country will not even know what is going on in the country. It has been 75 years since the country got independence but Bollywood is still not independent.

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Why is this the condition of Hindi films?
Explaining some other reasons behind the poor box office numbers of recent Hindi films, Anurag said, “People want to watch good cinema. I agree that there are some good films in recent times which have not worked but one must understand that we are going through an economic slowdown in the country. Today, basic items like biscuits and paneer are being taxed. Do you think people will buy expensive movie tickets until they are sure that the film will entertain them? Also, movies are boring and the audience loses interest.

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