Nupur Sharma Case: Anupam Kher objected to the court’s decision in Nupur Sharma case, the judge himself was reprimanded

Nupur Sharma has been in the news for many days for her controversial statement against Prophet Mohammad. Recently he approached the court and demanded justice for himself. Nupur Sharma filed a petition in the court regarding all the cases registered against her, in which she demanded transfer of all the cases registered in many states to Delhi. However, there is also a lot of discussion about the comment of the Supreme Court regarding Nupur Sharma’s statement in the matter, which states that Nupur Sharma is responsible for all the religious ruckus that has taken place in the whole country. Let us tell you that due to this statement Kanhaiya Lal was murdered in Udaipur and there has been a ruckus across the country in protest against it. After the reprimand from the court to Nupur, many Bollywood stalwarts have expressed their opinion on social media and have spoken a lot in the matter.

Anupam Kher raised his voice on the court’s decision
First let’s talk about Anupam Kher, who wrote on his Twitter after the court’s comment, ‘Judge sir! Do something respectable for your honor!’ After this tweet of his, many people came out against him and started talking rude in reply.

Is Manoj Muntashir right to think so?
Earlier, composer Manoj Muntashir had also spoken about the matter and wrote on Twitter, ‘Nupur Sharma led to Udaipur incident: Supreme Court.’ I understand that this statement of Hon’ble Supreme Court can incite sentiments against Nupur Sharma, her life may be in danger. If the Judiciary also starts speaking without editing the words, then undoubtedly we are going through a difficult time!’

Shameful decision for Paresh Rawal
Bollywood veteran Paresh Rawal also shared his views, after which he also came under the trolls’ target. He wrote in the tweet, ‘They are not respectable, they are condemnable. Shameful.’

Court dismissed the petition
In the Nupur Sharma case, the Supreme Court has imposed his class and held him responsible for all the religious protests happening in the country. The court has clearly said that Nupur Sharma is responsible for whatever is happening in the country, whatever he said is very shameful. The court said that Nupur Sharma is responsible for whatever happened in Udaipur. Along with this, the Supreme Court has also completely rejected the petition of Nupur Sharma to transfer the case.

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