Neha Bhasin wrote a long post as soon as she came out of Bigg Boss 15 and pointed fingers at friends too – Entertainment News India

reality show bigg boss 15 Neha Bhasin, who got evicted from the show last week, has said that she is happy that she is out of the show in a matter of days. Not only this, the singer also said that there is no love and emotion inside the house because his friends had gone away, even his thinking was not the same as those people used to be. He has claimed in his post that he has given his full contribution in the house, which was expected by the public and Bigg Boss. Neha has told these things to the fans through her Instagram story.

Class left on cross entry

She has shared a written note from her Instagram story of Neha Bhasin’s post, which reads, “I am happy that I got out of Bigg Boss 15 ahead of time. Went to class after entering the cross. Also slowly. -Slowly I realized that there is no place for love, truth, heart in the house. My friends seemed more tired than ever, bored and completely changed. After seeing them, I started thinking that What am I doing here? It often hangs over my head like a dagger”.

There used to be a deal for faith in the house all day

Neha further writes – That house is now therapy and evolution anti. Fights and issues are rooted in. Plotting and planning throughout the day. Deals are made for trust. Seeing all this, I am now becoming naive. When I say everything, what else can be expected from Bigg Boss. I felt that my spirit was going down a bit. Realized more than ever that I am an artist and I will die.

In the news for these reasons

Let us tell you that Neha had entered the house as a wild card contestant and within a few days she was out of the house. When Neha was in the house, social media users used to make fun of her saying that she does nothing except enhance her friendship with Shamita Shetty. However, earlier in Bigg Boss OTT, Neha was in news about her growing closeness with Prateek Sahajpal. However, there was a lot of fight between the two in the Bigg Boss house.

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