Neeru Bajwa: Neeru Bajwa not pregnant? Fans are saying this after seeing the baby bump in the trailer of ‘Beautiful Billo’

Recently there were reports that Punjabi superstar Neeru Bajwa is pregnant for the fourth time. After all the discussions, now it seems that all this was just a rumour. The photo of Neeru with a baby bump that was going viral seems to be actually from her film ‘Beautiful Billo’. The trailer of the film has arrived and fans on social media are now following the news of Neeru’s pregnancy as the same. By the way, the trailer of the film is full of comedy and confusion. The trailer of this film, which is releasing on OTT on 11th August, has become viral as soon as it arrives. The trailer of the film is looking tremendously entertaining to the audience and especially the fans of Neeru. The story is funny too.

Story of ‘Beautiful Billow’
Billo is pregnant. She wants foreign citizenship for her child. That’s why she lives with a couple throughout her pregnancy. Interestingly, this couple should not interfere in their personal life. But unwanted guests start staying with them. Roshan Prince and Rubina Bajwa are playing the role of this couple in the film. Now strange things start to happen due to unwanted guests in the house. Roshan still has no problem adjusting with Billo, but not so with Rubina. Rubina also feels that something is going on between Roshan and Billo. But she is unable to get rid of Billo even after wanting to. The result is a lot of comedy and a lot of fun.

Neeru Bajwa pregnancy: Neeru Bajwa pregnant for the fourth time? Fans said – Will you have children until there is a son?
‘Beautiful Billo’ trailer

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The film will be released on Zee5
Neeru Bajwa, who is called the Queen of Pollywood, was really pregnant during the shooting of this film. Apart from him, there is also a cute flirt story between Rupinder Roopi and Sukhwinder Chahal in this film. The film has been directed by Santosh Subhash Thite and Amrit Raj Chadha. The story is written by Rupinder Indrajit. ‘Beautiful Billo’ will release on Zee5 on August 11.

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