Mumtaz was in pain in the hospital, 25 years ago breast cancer forced her to moan

Bollywood’s beautiful actress Mumtaj gave a period of superhit in the industry. She was in the hospital for a few days where she was admitted (Mumtaj Hospitalized) about 2 weeks ago. It was told that he had a stomach infection. The veteran actress recently spoke to ‘ETimes’ and she told what happened to her.

Mumtaz has this disease
Mumtaz said, ‘I am suffering from both Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Colitis. It was a sudden attack of diarrhea that did not stop despite the best medicine. Therefore, hospitalization was required. It took me seven days to get back to normal even in the hospital. Mumtaz said that Dr Firoz Soonawalla helped get her admitted to Breach Candy Hospital, which is about 10 km from her home in Colaba.

Mumtaz shared the experience
He further added, ‘The hospital staff treated me like a flower. Before I go any further, I should thank them. Many thanks also to Dr Rajesh Saini, who treated me in the hospital. Mumtaz definitely informed her husband Mayur Madhwani about her health. Regarding this, he said, ‘He was in America and he said that he is coming to India. I stopped them and said that I will deal with it. But he insisted that I should have the best nurses and facilities at home. He loves me very much and I am lucky to have him in my life.

Mumtaz had breast cancer 25 years ago
However, it was not easy for Mumtaz to spend those 7 days in terms of stamina. On this she said, ‘My skin was giving me a lot of trouble. Being an Iranian, I have very delicate skin. I was on a drip in the hospital for a whole week. The drip injection could only be given in my right hand. My left hand could not be used because I had lymph nodes removed when I was diagnosed with breast cancer 25 years ago. Mumtaz is going back to her husband, she will go to London with him on 11th May.