Mumtaz live chat: Mumtaz told why she could not marry Shammi Kapoor, also mentioned Jackie Shroff’s son

Bollywood’s bygone actress Mumtaz celebrated her 75th birthday on Sunday, July 31. On this special occasion, Mumtaz chatted live with her fans and told that she can still dance in films. However, while saying this, he also mentioned Tiger Shroff. The actress said during the live chat session that she cannot fly like Jackie Shroff’s son while dancing. Mumtaz also answered many questions of her fans and her daughter Tanya Madhvani was preparing the video of this session.

Mumtaz going to make OTT debut with Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film?
A fan asked him how he felt meeting filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali. She told that recently she had met Bhansali for the first time. He praised the filmmaker fiercely and said, ‘He presents women like fairies. They know how to show artists. He is a wonderful director and producer. There were reports about Mumtaz that she is going to debut on OTT with Bhansali’s ‘Hiramandi’. The actress was asked to confirm if she is making her digital debut with Bhansali’s Netflix project? So he said in response, ‘If you want to see me again in the film, then go to the producers and filmmakers and ask why you are not taking Mumtaz? What’s the problem? And after that, if you give me that role, I would love it very much.

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Mumtaz took the name of Tiger Shroff
Mumtaz’s daughter Tanya said that she knows that her mother has been a great dancer and asked her if Mumtaz can still dance in the film? The actress replied, ‘I can dance but I can’t fly like Jackie Shroff’s son (Tiger Shroff)’. He also told that Alia Bhatt is his favorite actress because she is very beautiful and she is also an amazing dancer.

Mumtaz told – why did not marry Shammi Kapoor
Another fan asked Mumtaz a question about her love life. He asked why Mumtaz did not marry Shammi Kapoor in those days? The actress said- Come on, you know why I didn’t marry him. Do you want me to repeat the same thing again? He wanted me to quit my career and I was only 17 at that time.

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