Movie Review: Know how ‘Jug Jug Jio’ is, know here before buying tickets

‘A person can either be married or can be happy, both can never happen’ In director Raj Mehta’s film ‘Jug Jug Jio’, this dialogue related to marriage comes in a funny way, but this question is definitely given. Which marriage is perfect? That which is done after testing each other after a long love-romance, love marriage or arranged marriage done by the choice of family members? Or a marriage done just to settle down? Films have been being made in Bollywood for many years on issues like marriage, relationship confusion and divorce, but director Raj Mehta served this sensitive subject by making comedy, emotion and a little dramatic in such a way that the film laughs and plays many difficult questions. gives the answer.

Story of ‘Jug Jug Jio’
The marriage of Kukku (Varun Dhawan), who works as a bouncer in Canada and Naina (Kiara Advani), who works at a high post in the HR department, is on the verge of collapse. However, these are the same idol love birds, whose love blossomed in school and both of them were tied in love while young. But a lot has changed in the five years of marriage and the distance between the two has become a gulf. The two want to tell their families about their difficult decision to divorce, but here in Punjab, Cuckoo’s sister Ginni (Prajakta Koli) is married and then they decide that they will pretend to be a happy couple until they get married. . The story takes a dramatic turn when Cuckoo learns that his father Bheem (Anil Kapoor) breaks off his 35-year-old marriage with his mother Geeta (Neetu Kapoor) to be with his love Tisca Chopra. want.

There is another twist in the story. The marriage that Ginni seems to be so passionate about, in fact she is also in love with someone else, but in hopes of the family’s respect and her settlement, she agrees to the arranged marriage. In the midst of all these difficulties, there is a storm in the family when all the characters come to know about the reality of each other’s marriage. What is the end of these marriages that seem ideal for society and the world? Can Bhima be able to go to his girlfriend? Can Ginni be able to reveal her love to the family members? You have to watch the movie to know this.

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Review of ‘Jug Jug Jio’
When the film begins on the issue of relationship rift and divorce, the question that definitely arises in the mind is what new director Raj will serve in the next phase? But then this story takes many interesting turns with the fabric of relationships. In the story, the husband’s ego gets hurt if the wife earns more, the pressure of becoming a mother after marriage, the thinking that everything will be right after marriage, many important issues like marriage to be settled are presented in a humourous style. does. The second half is stronger than the first half. The length of the film should have been cut a bit. The film has inspiring dialogues like ‘There is no one reason to break a relationship, there is a tiredness of many unfinished battles’, while the world’s biggest festival knows, which is it? There are also WhatsApp dialogues like ‘Gharwali’, because he has to be persuaded again and again. The magnificence of the film’s costume and sets is a sight to behold, but the cinematography is average. Talking about the music, the song ‘Nach Punjaban’ is very high on the music charts. Songs like ‘Rangi Saari’, ‘Dupatta’ and ‘Nain Ta Heere’ are also spectacular.

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Stars acting in ‘Jug Jug Jio’
In the matter of acting, Anil Kapoor takes the field. He has played the character of Bhima with great pleasure and the audience also enjoys him a lot. Along with Anil Kapoor, Neetu Kapoor also expresses that despite the gap, there was no shortage in her acting talent. There are some strong scenes in her part and she manages to play them in a powerful manner. In the matter of acting, the pair of Anil and Neetu introduces the experience of their years. Varun as Kukku does justice to his comic timing along with being emotional. Kiara is getting better film by film. Along with looking beautiful, she gives strength to the character. The argument scene between him and Varun proves to be a shock to Nahle in terms of performance. YouTuber Prajakta Koli, who made her acting debut as Ginni, looks confident. Maniesh Paul in his over the top character as the clown Gurpreet entertains a lot with his comedy.

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