Manoj Joshi Viral Video: Manoj Joshi furious at Air India, made a video from the airport, counted the shortcomings, said – when will it improve?

Veteran actor Manoj Joshi is generally very jovial and gentle in nature, but a video of him is going viral on social media, in which he is seen angry and angry. The actor has posted this video on his Twitter, in which he is venting his anger on Air India’s service. He has accused the airline of ruining the day due to poor service and lack of staff.

Manoj Joshi made this video near the luggage belt at Mumbai airport. He is seen very angry in this video of more than a minute. Manoj Joshi says that he is standing near the luggage belt for the last 45-50 minutes to collect his luggage, but his luggage has not arrived. Not only this, there is no Air India staff there, who can be contacted. The actor has said furiously that will Air India ever improve or not?

Furious Manoj Joshi said – the whole day wasted

Manoj Joshi has also tagged Air India and Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in the tweet. He wrote, ‘Air India flight 634 departed from Bhopal 3 hours late and now I am standing near the luggage belt in Mumbai for 40 minutes. There is no staff here who can guide us. I have never experienced such bad service. These people ruined my whole day. Who will pay the compensation?’ This video of the actor has been viewed more than 1 million times till the time of writing this news.

‘When will the people of Air India finally improve?’
Manoj Joshi is very angry in the video. He says, ‘There is no Air India staff here. When will these people get better? One, the plane took off from Bhopal with a delay of 3 hours, now I am standing here for about a quarter of an hour. There is no trace of the goods. I have to go somewhere, there are other things to do. My whole day is wasted. Just now when I went to a man here, he has gone downstairs to get my belongings. We have not been given any information, it is very absurd.

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Air India gave this answer to the actor
However, the airline’s managers have also responded to this tweet of Manoj Joshi. It was written on behalf of Air India, ‘Dear Manoj Joshi, We hope that you have received your luggage. Rest assured, we have passed on your feedback to the airport team. We are reviewing it. We hope to be able to serve you better next time.

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