You won’t change, neither will I; Sania Iyyappan is telling the cyber locusts

Recently, there has been a trend of silencing and silencing the opinions of women, especially those who are prominent on social media, by using obscene words and killing family members. There are many people around us who reach severe mental stress, depression and great traumas under such mass and continuous attacks. Being attacked by cyber locusts is a big problem for many people. Actress Sania Iyyappan has now reacted strongly against such cyber bullying.

Sania is an actress who has gained a lot of attention within a short time of entering the cinema. Everyone knows that Sania is also an impossibly graceful dancer. Active on social media, Sania’s pictures and videos that she shares always garner attention.

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Sania, who appears on social media in glamorous roles, has often faced criticism. There was also a lot of criticism against the bikini pictures taken during the birthday celebrations. Sania has now given a remarkable reply to those who questioned her dress.

These are the words of Sania. “He did his first film Queen when he was 15 years old. Being a fashion lover, he used to post pictures on Instagram. I don’t know why when posting pictures on social media, it was difficult for many people. Difficulties are like seeing the leg and seeing the hand. There are many bad messages coming. From all this, I understand that none of these things are ever going to change. Thanks to all the supporters. I’m never going to change.” Sania’s words have now been taken over by fans on social media. Sania said this when she arrived at the FWD magazine cover launch.

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You won’t change, neither will I; Sania Iyyappan to cyber locusts

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