You may also be familiar with the story and background of this, ‘Gargi’ asks you not to run away from fear of failure, but to go ahead!

‘Gargi’ is directed by Gautham Ramachandran and has Sai Pallavi in ​​the lead role. Gargi is taking the subject that is familiar and not new beyond this sight and hearing. The film Gargi shares some unexpected moments in the life of a woman and her family members. Through Gargi, he is saying that he is not ready to accept insults and run away from the environment for fear of failure. The film hit the theaters and got good response from the audience. Now OTT Gargi is getting ready for release.

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Malayalam’s favorite actress Aishwarya Lakshmi is also a part of the film. The film is produced by Aishwarya Lakshmi, director Gautham Ramachandran and Thomas George. The film was released in Telugu, Kannada and Tamil. Malayali movie lovers came to know about the film Gargi through Aishwarya’s social media pages. The film was expected to release in all South Indian languages, but it was narrowed down to only three languages. Now Gargi and its cast members are going to be discussed beyond languages ​​when they reach OTT from theatre. The film will start streaming on August 12 on Sony Live.

The film is making full use of its potential as it reaches OTT. While watching the film, it seems that the film needs to reach more audiences than the theatrical space in Telugu, Kannada and Tamil languages. The film’s music is composed by Govind Vasantha. Gargi is not only in Sai Pallavi, who is the central character, but has made many characters part of the same story and goes through their lives. The background music of the film makes the context of the film deeper for the audience. Music also plays a role in bringing the audience to each and every character in it.

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